verb (used with object)
  1. to traverse in sprinting: to sprint a half mile.
  1. a short race at full speed.
  2. a burst of speed at any point during a long race, as near the finish line.
  3. a brief spell of great activity.

Origin of sprint

1560–70; perhaps continuing Old English *sprintan (compare gesprintan to emit); cognate with Old Norse spretta, Old High German sprinzan to jump up
Related formssprint·er, nounout·sprint, verb (used with object)
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British Dictionary definitions for outsprint


verb (tr)
  1. to run faster than (someone)


  1. athletics a short race run at top speed, such as the 100 metres
  2. a fast finishing speed at the end of a longer race, as in running or cycling, etc
  3. any quick run
verb (intr)
  1. to go at top speed, as in running, cycling, etc
Derived Formssprinter, noun

Word Origin for sprint

C16: from Scandinavian; related to Old English gesprintan to emit, Old Norse spretta to jump up, Old High German sprinzan to jump up, Swedish sprata to kick
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Word Origin and History for outsprint



1560s, "to spring, dart," from Old Norse spretta "to jump up." Meaning "to run a short distance at full speed" first recorded 1871. Related: Sprinted; sprinting.



1865, from sprint (v.).

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