1. sing. ovary The paired organs in the female reproductive system that produce ova and release certain hormones , such as estrogen .

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Example Sentences

So maybe we should take a lesson from women with brass ovaries: comedy and feminism are longstanding bedfellows.

Another woman said she is currently using it to battle polycystic ovaries.

Instead of a virtual punch in the ovaries, Paltrow should get a round of applause.

Ovaries, so safe and well,” Fageeh intones, “so you can make lots and lots of babies.

It normally occurs during weeks six and eight of pregnancy, when the placenta takes over production of hormones from the ovaries.

The ovaries stretching along the whole length of the abdominal cavity.

The structure of the Ovaries is very simple, and the manner in which they produce the ovum is not very well understood.

The younger of these ovaries was from a Scyllium embryo 10 centimtres long, preserved in osmic acid.

Born also describes this tissue in young and embryonic ovaries of the horse as the Keimlager.

They are present in a more or less modified form in all types of ovaries.


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