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over the top

  1. Surpassing a goal or quota, as in The new salesmen are excellent; they were over the top within the first six months . [Mid-1900s]

  2. Extreme, outrageous, as in This comedian's style goes over the top . [ Slang ; late 1900s]

  3. Over the parapet of a military trench, as in The lieutenant sent fresh troops over the top . This usage dates from World War I.

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Example Sentences

We prefer to wave away the warning signs; like The Interview, Mulholland Drive was comfortably downplayed as over-the-top satire.

The Hollywood and over-the-top nuptials were a rare bit of good news for the world—and even for the striking workers of Venice.

A giant, over-the-top mess of contradictions and giddiness and mistakes and something weirdly pure and divine.

Well, this is over-the-top fake crying, so I was not actually crying, I have to admit.

While the report could be mistaken for a clever if over-the-top parody clip, it is not.

His excitement and dedication to the task were inspiring, pulling me into his over-the-top-and-damn-the-torpedoes mode of being.


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