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[ adverb oh-ver-awl; adjective noun oh-ver-awl ]


  1. from one extreme limit of a thing to the other:

    the overall length of the bridge.

  2. covering or including everything:

    an overall impression;

    to view something overall.


  1. overalls, (used with a plural verb)
    1. loose, sturdy trousers, usually with a bib or biblike piece to which shoulder straps are attached, originally worn over other trousers to protect them, as by factory workers or farmers.
    2. long waterproof leggings.
  2. British. a smock or loose-fitting housedress.



  1. from one end to the other
  2. including or covering everything

    the overall cost


  1. in general; on the whole


  1. a protective work garment usually worn over ordinary clothes
  2. plural hard-wearing work trousers with a bib and shoulder straps or jacket attached
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Word History and Origins

Origin of overall1

First recorded before 1000; Middle English overal (adverb), Old English ofer eall; over ( def ), all ( def )
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Example Sentences

So if this bears out, the more people who are vaccinated in a community, including children, the more likely transmission will drop overall.

McMillin said fast-tracking the platform project did not raise the project’s overall budget.

Google’s Danny Sullivan said that if manual actions for News or Discover won’t impact your overall Google Search performance.

Over the summer, as cases surged, so did Republican concern — but Americans overall were 20 points more likely to express concern than were Republicans.

For instance, the startup’s games have been downloaded 250 million times overall since the creation of the company in 2018.

Music is a huge part of the tone of Black Dynamite overall—going back to the original 2009 movie on which the series is based.

According to James, by 2014 his business did close to $2 million in overall sales.

Are you more pessimistic about the overall public education crisis given this current environment?

Overall, Paris Magnum reaches both too widely and too thinly in trying to convey a sense of spectrum.

But overall the legal system has done little to say “this was against the law.”

"Wait," said Chief Inspector Kerry, and went swinging in, carrying his overall and having the malacca cane tucked under his arm.

He replaced the receiver, took up a wet oilskin overall from the back of a chair and the cane from the mantleshelf.

It was ajar, and Kerry, taking an electric torch from his overall pocket, flashed the light upon the name-plate.

He was slight, wore a workman's overall suit, and he had a lunch box under his arm.

Rapidly he removed his reefer and his waistcoat, folded them, and placed them neatly beside his overall.


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