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[ oh-ver-kroud ]

verb (used with or without object)

  1. to crowd to an uncomfortable or undesirable excess.


/ ˌəʊvəˈkraʊd /


  1. tr to fill (a room, vehicle, city, etc) with more people or things than is desirable

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Word History and Origins

Origin of overcrowd1

First recorded in 1760–70; over- + crowd 1

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Example Sentences

Here are seven centers of innovation tackling the most daunting issues of our time—from climate change and overcrowding to biodiversity loss and poverty—that can serve as blueprints for communities around the globe.

On July 28, the Senate’s National Parks Subcommittee held a hearing to review the impact that overcrowding in national parks is having on NPS resources and visitor experiences.

This mindset can manifest itself in grousing about overcrowding at national parks, militant Leave No Trace shaming, or neglecting urban areas in conversations about environmentalism and recreational opportunities.

According to reporters, the facility was overcrowded with children.

From Time

Connecting areas in the Midwest, for example, could turn Kansas City into a global powerhouse and attract residents away from other already overcrowded cities.

From Fortune

When so large a number of the larvæ hatch out as to overcrowd the hive, it is the function of the queen to lead forth a swarm.

There will be some careful pruning done for the good of the human race, which, as it is, threatens to overcrowd the earth.

The effect of them was merely to call into existence a class of poor tenements in odd corners or to overcrowd the existing houses.

If the wedding is a small one great care should be taken lest the guests are so numerous as to overcrowd the church or home.

It would overcrowd his department and spoil the record he was trying to make—but he said not a word except "All right."