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[ oh-ver-duhn ]


  1. past participle of overdo.


  1. cooked too long or too much:

    The roast was overdone. I dislike overdone steak.

  2. excessive or strained; exaggerated:

    Don't you think his politeness is overdone?

  3. overtaxed; exhausted:

    You're looking a bit overdone from that hike.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of overdone1

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Example Sentences

Now for the confession before this GOAT business gets overdone, in a week when we should just be united in celebration of a distinguished American life.

Note that the model projections may be somewhat overdone, as they incorrectly assume all snow will stick.

The panic over the impact supply chain snafus are having on how many ad dollars are spent during this quarter is probably overdone.

From Digiday

It turns out those model solutions were more overdone than we thought.

Cuse: At first, I was a little apprehensive about jumping into a genre that seemed really overdone and overwrought.

As with any exercise, it can be overdone to the point of diminishing returns and negative health consequences.

The “reaction to shutdowns is overdone,” wrote Michael Goldfarb.

At 143 minutes and with a $225 million price tag, Man of Steel feels overlong and overdone.

Her accent changes from scene to scene and she comes across as extremely overdone.

Sent Alfaretta around to tell us that 'he'd overdone hisself and was obliged to take a vacation.'

Then, as he broke an egg that was shockingly overdone, he added spitefully: "Why did you boil your door-knobs?"

The truth is, I fear, that the market has been glutted and the business overdone.

Reticence and secretiveness are excellent things in their way; but this too may be overdone.

Humour might suggest that the expression of Patriotism is a trifle overdone.