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[ oh-ver-eet ]

verb (used without object)

, o·ver·ate [oh-ver-, eyt], o·ver·eat·en, o·ver·eat·ing.
  1. to eat too much:

    If you overeat, you're bound to get fat.

verb (used with object)

, o·ver·ate [oh-ver-, eyt], o·ver·eat·en, o·ver·eat·ing.
  1. to eat more than is good for (oneself ):

    The food was so tasty we overate ourselves.


/ əʊvərˈiːt /


  1. to consume too much food

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Other Words From

  • over·eater noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of overeat1

First recorded in 1515–25; over- + eat

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Example Sentences

Why starchy processed food can cause us to overeat, gain weight and even become ill

After an overeating incident leads her parents to turn into literal pigs, Chihiro must work in a bathhouse that serves otherworldly customers in order to survive and find a way to return home.

From Time

Keeping my carbs low prevents me from being hungry and overeating.

That’s true if the situation “is unresolved or the resolution to it is harmful, like overeating or becoming aggressive or not wearing a mask,” he says.

At worst, it sets into motion a cycle of overeating, compensating, and overeating again.

It's so easy to see people who are stressed start to drink and overeat and put on the pounds.

Dont lets overeat, said Tootles seriously, trying to coax forth a smile.

My reason for this is that fats are the most highly concentrated form of food, and the easiest upon which to overeat.

It proved to us pretty conclusively how we of civilised lands disgustingly and habitually overeat ourselves.

My appetite is four sizes too large for a man of my height, and every little while I overeat.

And how they will continue to overeat themselves, content to avoid the truth regarding food quantities.





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