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[ oh-ver-grohn, oh-ver-grohn ]


  1. grown to excess; grown too large:

    She's an adult cat, but she acts just like an overgrown kitten.

  2. covered with a growth of something:

    Portions of this trail may be overgrown with brush.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of overgrown1

First recorded in 1350–1400; over- ( def ) + grown ( def )

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Example Sentences

It sits on a modest plot overgrown with wild grasses and shrubbery.

One was overgrown with trees, where young men rested in the shade.

He had on tan pants and a white T-shirt, had a goatee, and his overgrown hair was held back to one side with a barrette.

On June 5, a highway worker cutting an overgrown patch along a road in Geneva, Wisconsin, came upon a pair of discarded suitcases.

Johnny was hunting a pile of dirt, maybe overgrown, maybe two feet high.

Then we are again overgrown boys, beings of inferior race and incapable of being civilized.

There were great overgrown shrubs on either side of the gate just outside the factory grounds.

But Brindle tarried behind and foraged for her supper by nibbling the grass from the overgrown dooryard.

Here a fence ran close to the road and the corners were overgrown with weeds and brush, making a safe hiding place.

The procession, preceded by Bob on his feathered steed, passed through a chasm overgrown with brambles.


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