Overland Trail

[ oh-ver-land, -luhnd ]

nounU.S. History.
  1. any of various routes traveled by settlers from the Missouri River to Oregon and California beginning in the 1840s.

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How to use Overland Trail in a sentence

  • Yet reaching the end of the Overland Trail did not mean that our pioneer struggles were over.

  • There was an undercurrent of gladness in their souls with the thought that they had achieved the end of the Overland Trail.

  • I couldn't have been more uncomfortable if I'd been a young man I saw twenty-five years ago on the old Overland Trail.

    Remarks | Bill Nye
  • Then we left the ice and hit the Overland Trail in an almost due northerly direction.

    The Long Labrador Trail | Dillon Wallace
  • The passing of the rapids by the Overland Trail was all that their host had promised.

    The Purple Flame | Roy J. Snell