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[ oh-ver-leep ]

verb (used with object)

, o·ver·leaped or o·ver·leapt, o·ver·leap·ing.
  1. to leap over or across:

    to overleap a fence.

  2. to overreach (oneself ) by leaping too far:

    to overleap oneself with ambition.

  3. to pass over or omit:

    to overleap important steps and reach erroneous conclusions.

  4. Archaic. to leap farther than; outleap.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of overleap1

before 900; Middle English overlepen, Old English oferhlēapan. See over-, leap

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Example Sentences

This higher authority, which no legislature could "overleap without destroying its own foundation," was the British Constitution.

If the general legislature should, at any time, overleap their limits, the judicial department is a constitutional check.

Why he did not overleap it is not known; but having probably became intimidated, he suddenly stopped and cried aloud for aid.

See you yonder rock—the largest—where the foam breaks most fiercely, as if in wrath because it cannot overleap it?

It would not be well for us to overleap one grade of joy or suffering: our life would lose its completeness and beauty.


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