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verb (used with object), o·ver·leaped or o·ver·leapt, o·ver·leap·ing.
  1. to leap over or across: to overleap a fence.
  2. to overreach (oneself) by leaping too far: to overleap oneself with ambition.
  3. to pass over or omit: to overleap important steps and reach erroneous conclusions.
  4. Archaic. to leap farther than; outleap.
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Origin of overleap

before 900; Middle English overlepen, Old English oferhlēapan. See over-, leap
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Related Words

disregard, discard, overlook, bypass, clear, pass, leap, ascend, bound, bounce, soar, negotiate, trifle, defer, omit, skimp, overpass, skip, dismiss, elide

Examples from the Web for overleap

Historical Examples

  • We cannot overleap the barriers by which Life is constrained.

    Essays Towards a Theory of Knowledge

    Alexander Philip

  • Some were seen springing high in the air, as if to overleap the pit.

    The Bush Boys

    Captain Mayne Reid

  • I thought they only missed the stirrup; I find they overleap the saddle.

  • I have drawn around thee a magic circle of curses which he cannot overleap.

    The Robbers

    Friedrich Schiller

  • These prescribe the route in which it must exercise itself, and the bounds which it must not overleap.

    Popular Tales

    Madame Guizot