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    mix it up, Slang.
    1. to engage in a quarrel.
    2. to fight with the fists.
    Also mix it.

Origin of mix

1470–80; back formation from mixt mixed

1, 9. commingle, jumble, unite, amalgamate, fuse. Mix, blend, combine, mingle concern the bringing of two or more things into more or less intimate association. Mix is the general word for such association: to mix fruit juices. Blend implies such a harmonious joining of two or more types of colors, feelings, etc., that the new product formed displays some of the qualities of each: to blend fragrances or whiskeys. Combine implies such a close or intimate union that distinction between the parts is lost: to combine forces. Mingle usually suggests retained identity of the parts: to mingle voices. 9. coalesce. 14. concoction; formula.

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(tr) to combine or blend (ingredients, liquids, objects, etc) together into one mass
(intr) to become or have the capacity to become combined, joined, etcsome chemicals do not mix
(tr) to form (something) by combining two or more constituentsto mix cement
(tr; often foll by in or into) to add as an additional part or element (to a mass or compound)to mix flour into a batter
(tr) to do at the same time; combineto mix study and pleasure
(tr) to consume (drinks or foods) in close succession
to come or cause to come into association sociallyPauline has never mixed well
(intr often foll by with) to go together; complement
(tr) to crossbreed (differing strains of plants or breeds of livestock), esp more or less at random
(tr) electronics to combine (two or more signals)
  1. (in sound recording) to balance and adjust (the recorded tracks) on a multitrack tape machine
  2. (in live performance) to balance and adjust (the output levels from microphones and pick-ups)
(tr) to merge (two lengths of film) so that the effect is imperceptible
mix it informal
  1. to cause mischief or trouble, often for a person namedshe tried to mix it for John
  2. to fight


the act or an instance of mixing
the result of mixing; mixture
a mixture of ingredients, esp one commercially prepared for making a cake, bread, etc
music the sound obtained by mixing
building trades civil engineering the proportions of cement, sand, and aggregate in mortar, plaster, or concrete
informal a state of confusion, bewilderment
See also mix-up

Derived Formsmixable, adjectivemixability, noun

Word Origin for mix

C15: back formation from mixt mixed, via Old French from Latin mixtus, from miscēre to mix

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