[ blend ]
/ blɛnd /

verb (used with object), blend·ed or blent, blend·ing.

verb (used without object), blend·ed or blent, blend·ing.


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Origin of blend

1250–1300; Middle English blenden, Old English blendan to mix, for blandan; cognate with Old Norse blanda, Old High German blantan to mix

1. compound. See mix. 1, 5. mingle, commingle, combine, amalgamate, unite. 5. coalesce. 8, 9. combination, amalgamation.

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/ (blɛnd) /


to mix or mingle (components) together thoroughly
(tr) to mix (different grades or varieties of tea, whisky, tobacco, etc) to produce a particular flavour, consistency, etc
(intr) to look good together; harmonize
(intr) (esp of colours) to shade imperceptibly into each other


Word Origin for blend

Old English blandan; related to blendan to deceive, Old Norse blanda, Old High German blantan

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