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[ noun oh-ver-pas, -pahs; verb oh-ver-pas, -pahs ]


  1. a road, pedestrian walkway, railroad, bridge, etc., crossing over some barrier, as another road or walkway.

verb (used with object)

, o·ver·passed or o·ver·past, o·ver·pass·ing.
  1. to pass over or traverse (a region, space, etc.):

    We had overpassed the frontier during the night.

  2. to pass beyond (specified limits, bounds, etc.); exceed; overstep; transgress:

    to overpass the bounds of good judgment.

  3. to get over (obstacles, difficulties, etc.); surmount:

    to overpass the early days of privation and uncertainty.

  4. to go beyond, exceed, or surpass:

    Greed had somehow overpassed humanitarianism.

  5. to pass through (time, experiences, etc.):

    to overpass one's apprenticeship.

  6. to overlook; ignore; disregard; omit:

    We could hardly overpass such grievous faults. The board overpassed him when promotions were awarded.

verb (used without object)

, o·ver·passed or o·ver·past, o·ver·pass·ing.
  1. to pass over; pass by:

    Under the bridge there was the din of cars overpassing.



  1. another name for flyover


  1. to pass over, through, or across
  2. to exceed
  3. to get over
  4. to ignore

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Word History and Origins

Origin of overpass1

Middle English word dating back to 1250–1300; over-, pass

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Example Sentences

The regular lanes would remain free, but both highways, including their overpasses, would be rebuilt as part of the expansions.

It’s an IPA with a name and a label inspired by the “Surrender Dorothy” graffiti once painted on a railroad overpass near the Mormon temple.

Rivers were enclosed and overpasses thrown up to connect previously sequestered neighborhoods.

From Time

It recruits homeless people from shelters and under highway overpasses.

Untreated roads and sidewalks may have some slick spots, especially on bridges and overpasses, so use caution.

The company commander had also been badly wounded, they said, as they hunkered down under a highway overpass.

They pulled the elegant wagon on a slow pace along for a block and then made a U-turn beneath the Palmetto overpass.

The car comes under the overpass, we boom up, the car pulls in, the train pulls, then run across to the train.

The street beneath an overpass is littered with minivans and SUVs that had been washed inland.

On a recent trip to Iran, I was struck by a pair of giant paintings emblazoned across a highway overpass.

This may have resulted from my feeling, when I looked forward toward the overpass, that we might have ridden into an ambush.

There must be real work to do, aims to achieve; there must be imperfections to overpass and wrongs to right.

Here is the railroad overpass, and here is the freeway overpass.

By the "X," which appears to be right over the overpass of Elm, which would be to the east side of the overpass, is that right?

And it shows where Elm turns and goes under the railroad, the overpass.


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