[ verb oh-ver-pruh-pawr-shuh n, -pohr-; noun oh-ver-pruh-pawr-shuh n, -pohr- ]
/ verb ˌoʊ vər prəˈpɔr ʃən, -ˈpoʊr-; noun ˈoʊ vər prəˈpɔr ʃən, -ˈpoʊr- /

verb (used with object)

to make or measure in excess of the correct, normal, or desired proportion.


the excessiveness of something in relation to another or to what is considered correct, desirable, or normal; inequity or imbalance: the overproportion of insurance to income.

Origin of overproportion

First recorded in 1635–45; over- + proportion
Related formso·ver·pro·por·tion·ate, adjectiveo·ver·pro·por·tion·ate·ly, adverbo·ver·pro·por·tioned, adjective
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