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[ oh-ver-sahyt ]


  1. an omission or error due to carelessness:

    My bank statement is full of oversights.

    Synonyms: slip, blunder, mistake

  2. unintentional failure to notice or consider; lack of proper attention:

    Owing to my oversight, the letter was sent unsigned.

    Synonyms: inattention, neglect, lapse, slip, blunder, mistake

  3. supervision; watchful care:

    a person responsible for the oversight of the organization.

    Synonyms: surveillance, control, direction, management


/ ˈəʊvəˌsaɪt /


  1. an omission or mistake, esp one made through failure to notice something
  2. supervision

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Word History and Origins

Origin of oversight1

First recorded in 1300–50; Middle English; over- + sight

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Example Sentences

State and local units holding the vast majority of inmates in the Marshals’ custody are subjected to weaker covid-related oversight than private prisons that contract with the agency, says the Justice Department’s internal watchdog.

To provide oversight of the operation of existing laws and the institutions they undergird.

Advocates of stricter financial industry oversight have identified a number of areas of potential concern highlighted by the recent turmoil.

Our work represents the latest progress towards the kind of autonomous robot ecosystems that could help build humanity’s future homes, far away from Earth and far away from human oversight.

Though charter schools are designed to operate outside the rules of school district bureaucracies, the state allowed them to expand for years with very little oversight despite continuing controversy over financial scandals and other problems.

This is why arguments for little to no federal oversight of education are so disturbing.

There was virtually no government oversight of safety and operational standards.

Congress created SIGAR to provide oversight of relief and reconstruction projects in Afghanistan.

They have argued in court that they are not public and therefore they are not subject to the oversight that public entities are.

Third, the destruction: These hedge-fund managers want to eliminate all limits and oversight of charter schools.

Shifting Sands (Lane) reads like a book with a purpose from which the purpose has been by some oversight omitted.

A correspondent points out that if that amount has ever been left in the bottom of his teacup it was an oversight.

The ill success of half the foreign purchasers must be imputed to this oversight.

But a larger number of lambs will be reared by a careful oversight of the ewes, and the use of proper precautions.

By a very unusual chance or oversight, there had been no men-of-war despatched to protect property of such enormous value.