[ verb oh-ver-spil; noun oh-ver-spil ]

verb (used without object),o·ver·spilled or o·ver·spilt, o·ver·spill·ing.
  1. to spill over.

  1. the act of spilling over.

  2. something that spills over.

  1. British. overflow.

Origin of overspill

First recorded in 1850–55; over- + spill1

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How to use overspill in a sentence

  • The Westerners are the overspill of the enterprising population of the East.

    Speeches of Benjamin Harrison | Benjamin Harrison
  • A Kaffir tribe to the north-east of the Rooirand had known of it, but they had never worked it, but only collected the overspill.

    Prester John | John Buchan

British Dictionary definitions for overspill


    • something that spills over or is in excess

    • (as modifier): overspill population

verb(ˌəʊvəˈspɪl) -spills, -spilling, -spilt or -spilled
  1. (intr) to overflow

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