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[ oh-ver-stuhft ]


  1. stuffed or filled to excess.
  2. Furniture. having the entire frame covered by stuffing and upholstery, so that only decorative woodwork or the like is exposed:

    an overstuffed sofa.

  3. filled with tedious or extraneous material; overlong:

    an overstuffed biography.

  4. obese; corpulent:

    an overstuffed man who was a compulsive eater.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of overstuffed1

First recorded in 1920–25; overstuff + -ed 2

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Example Sentences

Just when it seemed all of the pleasures of the Before Times were lost, American Horror Story gave us an overstuffed premiere for the ages—and wasted no time in giving Sarah Paulson her latest nickname.

On a sun-drenched spring afternoon, a petite woman emerged from an NYC Parks van, decked out in green fatigues, a tan wide-brimmed hat, and an overstuffed backpack.

Five minutes after we meet, he notices my overstuffed pack and suggests we go up to his room, where he’ll teach me how to lighten my load—literally, but also, I soon learn, metaphorically.

Rushed, overstuffed and plagued by plot holes, this year’s third and final season was easily its weakest.

From Time

Even when they’re not being pursued — as they weren’t in this case — vehicles overstuffed with people can be hard to steer and dangerous to drive, which may have been the case here.

She set the bottles on the kitchen counter and sat in the overstuffed recliner across the coffee table from him.

The context of the book itself being contraband—an illicit document snuck home in an overstuffed backpack.

Attached was a photograph of swear jar, overstuffed with hundred-dollar bills and a Visa card.

She remembers forcing her ballot into an overstuffed provisional-ballot box.

The late art critic was known for passionately baroque pronouncements that moved the immovably overstuffed art world.

"Another useless tongue in my overstuffed head," he murmured, and then the hypnophone took over.

Heinrich rolled one of the overstuffed chairs noiselessly to a position about six feet from the desk.

He went over to the phone, dialed a number, and sat down comfortably in his fat blue overstuffed chair.

The piece was an average example of the overstuffed, leather-upholstered era.

She had that exceedingly overstuffed appearance which old maids always present who are short of stature but wear corsets.


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