[ oh-vurt, oh-vurt ]
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  1. open to view or knowledge; not concealed or secret: overt hostility.

  2. Heraldry. (of a device, as a purse) represented as open: a purse overt.

Origin of overt

1275–1325; Middle English <Old French, past participle of ouvrir to open <Vulgar Latin *ōperīre, for Latin aperīre

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  • un·o·vert, adjective

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/ (ˈəʊvɜːt, əʊˈvɜːt) /

  1. open to view; observable

  2. law open; deliberate. Criminal intent may be inferred from an overt act

Origin of overt

C14: via Old French, from ovrir to open, from Latin aperīre

Derived forms of overt

  • overtly, adverb
  • overtness, noun

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