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[ verb oh-ver-top; noun oh-ver-top ]

verb (used with object)

, o·ver·topped, o·ver·top·ping.
  1. to rise over or above the top of:

    a skyscraper that overtops all the other buildings.

  2. to rise above in authority; take precedence over; override:

    No individual shall overtop the law.

  3. to surpass or excel:

    a rise in sales that overtopped everyone in the industry.


  1. a top, sometimes sleeveless, designed to be worn over another garment, as a shirt or dress.


/ ˌəʊvəˈtɒp /


  1. to exceed in height
  2. to surpass; excel
  3. to rise over the top of
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Word History and Origins

Origin of overtop1

First recorded in 1555–65; over- + top 1
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Example Sentences

He will charm them into greatness at the very time when a boy's ideals overtop the mountains.

Its crest is covered with lofty trees, which overtop the surrounding forest.

I have never met with the verb in that sense elsewhere, but overtop is evermore the appropriate term in arboriculture.

Years go by, and these seedlings become great trees that overtop the circle of lodge-poles around them.

The judge was considering that if his companion should rise she would equal or overtop his height.


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