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[ verb oh-ver-yooz; noun oh-ver-yoos ]

verb (used with object)

, o·ver·used, o·ver·us·ing.
  1. to use too much or too often:

    to overuse an expression.


  1. excessive use:

    to strain one's voice through overuse.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of overuse1

First recorded in 1670–80; over- + use

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Example Sentences

For years, experts in the American West have predicted that, unless the steady overuse of water was brought under control, the Colorado River would no longer be able to support all of the 40 million people who depend on it.

Heat can help, whether that pain comes from overuse or stems from a chronic condition.

The overuse of fertilizers depletes natural nutrients in soil and makes crops like corn dependent on synthetic fertilizers for high yields.

The way we attempt to measure sexual dysfunction is heavily influenced by the pharmaceutical industry, says Fugh-Berman, who is an outspoken critic of pharmaceutical marketing practices and medication overuse.

This resource overuse, perhaps combined with drought and failing agriculture, may well have been the society’s undoing.

Obsessive exercising and inadequate nutrition can, over time, put people at high risk for overuse injuries like stress fractures.

One important type of secondary headache is the medication overuse headache.

I also refuse to dilute the power of the accusation through inaccurate overuse.

After a writer overheard Wilson mocking girls who obnoxiously overuse the phrase “so cute,” Penny began saying it on the show.

Overuse of the word "interesting" reflects the cynical tastes of an information-rich audience.

This is a "novicy" kind of diction in which the would-be forcible writer defeats his object by the overuse of expletives.

A great cause of ill health is overuse of sugar in concentrated form, candy, etc., especially by the sedentary.

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To overuse the psionic powers of the human mind is as dangerous as overusing morphine or alcohol.

And, not content with this overuse of one particular type of judgment, our critics claim its monopoly.


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