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[ oh-ver-val-yoo ]

verb (used with object)

, o·ver·val·ued, o·ver·val·u·ing.
  1. to value too highly; put too high a value on:

    They should be careful not to overvalue the property.

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Other Words From

  • over·valu·ation noun
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Word History and Origins

Origin of overvalue1

First recorded in 1590–1600; over- + value
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Example Sentences

Plus, he adds, it would be worse to undervalue, rather than overvalue, our fish, wildlife, and natural spaces.

“Video games seem to carry an abnormal amount of risk due to the increasingly competitive landscape and fluctuation of large game studios and teams who, in my opinion, are overvalued with linear business models,” Chapman said.

Even the executives of runaway shares like Tesla, Snowflake, and Airbnb have suggested their companies are overvalued.

From Quartz

As the overvalued stocks become more overvalued, “eventually you’ll see crashing,” says Jiang.

From Fortune

An overvalued IPO can attract employees with the promise of wealth, dependent on a mega valuation.

From Digiday

People overvalue information relative to curiosity, because curiosity brings you the information.

He had, as we have seen, his limitations—his bias to overvalue one order of qualities, and to disparage others.

Amongst scholars there is a disposition to overvalue it, and to develop out of it something which must be called "historyism."

If you succeed in making him overvalue himself, the poor rogue will be capable only of the lowest kind of trash!

We still overvalue ancient knowledge and former educational values.

To govern mankind, one must not overrate them: and to please an audience, as a speaker, one must not overvalue it.