[ ov-yuh-ler, oh-vyuh-ler- ]
/ ˈɒv yə lər, ˈoʊ vyə lər- /
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pertaining to or of the nature of an ovule.
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Origin of ovular

From the New Latin word ōvulāris, dating back to 1850–55. See ovule, -ar1


mul·ti·ov·u·lar, adjective
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What does ovular mean?

Ovular is an adjective meaning related to or like an ovule (an egg or seed).

Ovular is often misused to describe objects in the shape of an oval (an egg shape). In botany (the study of plants), an ovule is a seed or the part of a plant that will become a seed. In biology, ovule refers to a small egg.

Example: This chemical is known to interrupt the ovular processes of the flower.

Where does ovular come from?

The first record of the use of ovular comes from around 1850. Ovular derives from the New Latin word ōvulāris. It combines the word ovule and the suffix -ar, forming an adjective. The Latin word for egg is ovum (a word also used in English), and many English words related to eggs start with ov (oval, ovary, ovulate, ovoid).

Ovular is used to describe something involving the ovule, such as a function (as in ovular process) or a part (as in ovular integument, the outer layer of a plant). The term can refer to plant seeds or human ova (eggs), or to any egg in general.

Even though circular means “shaped like a circle,” ovular does not mean “shaped like an oval.” Some terms for that are elliptical, or ovoid, or simply oval-shaped. It’s worth noting that ovular is also a Spanish word meaning “to ovulate.”

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What are some other forms of ovular?

  • multiovular (adjective)

What are some words that share a root or word element with ovular?


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What are some words ovular may be commonly confused with?


  • oval-shaped


How is ovular used in real life?

Ovular is used almost exclusively in a scientific context, especially in the fields of biology and botany.

For example:

  • Ovular fertilization must occur before the plant will yield a seed. 
  • Some species have stronger ovular coatings than others to help them withstand harsh conditions.

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A. oval-shaped
B. elliptical
C. ovoid
D. none of the above

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