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  1. Northern English a dialect word for anything
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Word Origin

a variant of aught 1
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Historical Examples

  • If ever I did owt as wur worthy i' thy sight, let that be my reward.

    "Surly Tim"

    Frances Hodgson Burnett

  • Don't thee be white-livered, Emily, or say owt for which you'll be sorry afterwards.

    The Day of Judgment

    Joseph Hocking

  • It 'ud seem to be a imitation of a teapot, if it owt is owt.

    The Root of All Evil

    J. S. Fletcher

  • Soa t' fellow says to me, 'Is there owt partickler ye'd like?'

  • But thear aw sat, an' as noabody said owt to me, aw said nowt to noabody.