[ ok-si-dey-shuh n ]
/ ɒk sɪˈdeɪ ʃən /

noun Chemistry.

the process or result of oxidizing.
the deposit that forms on the surface of a metal as it oxidizes.
Also ox·i·di·za·tion [ok-si-duh-zey-shuh n] /ˌɒk sɪ dəˈzeɪ ʃən/.

Origin of oxidation

First recorded in 1785–95; oxide + -ation

Related forms

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Examples from the Web for oxidative

  • But this entire field of study is new, and oxidative stress is not clearly linked to aging or cell damage (see here).

  • Leonardo Nogueira et al., "Epicatechin Enhances Fatigue Resistance and Oxidative Capacity in Mouse Muscle."

    15 Shocking Exercise Facts|Anneli Rufus|August 20, 2011|DAILY BEAST
  • This measurement represents the basal metabolism of a man at complete rest, when his oxidative activities are at their lowest ebb.

    Food in War Time|Graham Lusk
  • In this regard rapidity of desiccation and subsequent protection from oxidative processes are important factors.

    Scurvy Past and Present|Alfred Fabian Hess

British Dictionary definitions for oxidative


/ (ˌɒksɪˈdeɪʃən) /


  1. the act or process of oxidizing
  2. (as modifier)an oxidation state; an oxidation potential

Derived Forms

oxidational, adjectiveoxidative, adjective
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Medicine definitions for oxidative (1 of 2)


[ ŏksĭ-dā′tĭv ]


Of, relating to, or characterized by oxidation.

Medicine definitions for oxidative (2 of 2)


[ ŏk′sĭ-dāshən ]


The combination of a substance with oxygen.
A reaction in which the atoms in an element lose electrons and the valence of the element is correspondingly increased.
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Science definitions for oxidative


[ ŏk′sĭ-dāshən ]

The chemical combination of a substance with oxygen.
A chemical reaction in which an atom or ion loses electrons, thus undergoing an increase in valence. Removing an electron from an iron atom having a valence of +2 changes the valence to +3. Compare reduction.

Related forms

oxidative adjective
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Culture definitions for oxidative


Any chemical reaction in which a material gives up electrons, as when the material combines with oxygen. Burning is an example of rapid oxidation; rusting is an example of slow oxidation. (See combustion and reduction.)

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