/ ˈɒksəʊ /


  1. extract of beef in the shape of small cubes which are mixed with boiling water and used for flavouring, as stock, a drink, etc




  1. indicating that a chemical compound contains oxygen linked to another atom by a double bond, used esp to denote that a compound is derived from a specified compound by replacement of a methylene group with a carbonyl group

    oxobutanoic acid

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Word History and Origins

Origin of Oxo1

C20: from ox + -o

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Example Sentences

Oxo hand chopper  This is the better-made version of the slap-chop, which apparently has a very short lifespan.

Oxo Basting Brush  Basting brushes have become rather a problem in recent years.

OXO was founded in 1990 with the mission of creating tools that make everyday living easier.

OXO brings you the right tools that make all the difference.

We also carried Oxo cubes and prepared coffee so we could have a nourishing drink at any time.

Drying our clothes and cooking hot food of the oxo variety occupied considerable time.

We arranged everything, and then got Oxo for the men, many of whom had had nothing to eat for two days.

There was compressed beef—compressed air, we called it; there were Oxo cubes and there was tea.

"Oxo and biscuits, please," broke in a languid voice suddenly, and a pale young man with an armlet approached the counter.





Oxnardoxo acid