[oh-zoh-kuh-rahyt, -suh-rahyt, oh-zoh-seer-ahyt]


a waxlike mineral resin; mineral wax.

Also o·zo·ke·rite [oh-zoh-kuh-rahyt, oh-zoh-keer-ahyt] /oʊˈzoʊ kəˌraɪt, ˌoʊ zoʊˈkɪər aɪt/.

Origin of ozocerite

1830–40; < German Ozokerit < Greek ozo- ozo- + kēr(ós) wax + German -it -ite1
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a brown or greyish wax that occurs associated with petroleum and is used for making candles and wax paperAlso called: earth wax, mineral wax

Word Origin for ozocerite

C19: from German Ozokerit, from Greek ozein to smell + kēros beeswax
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