/ ˈpæʃə; ˈpɑːʃə /


  1. a variant spelling of pasha

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Example Sentences

He was hired by Pacha Club as the new artistic director, and radically transformed it during his 13 years there.

In spite of his new entrepreneurial vision, Whittle maintains his good feelings towards the Pacha owners.

“Beyond what happened, I will always love Pacha, the owners, and what the club stands for,” he says.

At 75, the spirited Pacha founder, Ricardo Urgell, keeps an iron hand on his empire.

This other fest was inspired by an Eyes Wide Shut-themed DJ residency the trio put on at the nightclub Pacha in Ibiza.

At the same time also Ibrahim Pacha was directed by his father to evacuate Syria.

They had not been here many days, before an application came from Usouff Pacha, to give them up.

To effect this object he assembled a large army, which he sent under his adopted son, Ibrahim Pacha, into Syria.

On the refusal of Suleiman Pacha to yield up Beyrout, the bombardment commenced, and continued for several days.

The Kiahya presented him with a handkerchief round his neck to the Pacha, who embraced and entertained him with much courtesy.