[pah-three-naw; English puh-dree-noh]

noun, plural pa·dri·nos [pah-three-naws; English puh-dree-nohz] /pɑˈðri nɔs; English pəˈdri noʊz/. Spanish.

a godfather.
a person's protector, patron, or mentor.

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Examples from the Web for padrino

  • I now mounted, Ramon Duran coming on his horse alongside as "padrino," to accompany me, and help to guide the horse.

    Blanco y Colorado|William C. Tetley
  • Those he nominated referred to him as their padrino or godfather.

  • No circumstances could ever justify the cavalier in bearing arms against his padrino.

  • The padrino chosen to stand with Maximina was a cavalry captain, an old comrade of the bridegroom's.

    Maximina|Armando Palacio Valds