[ paj-oo-uh-soi ]

noun,plural pad·u·a·soys.
  1. a slightly corded, strong, rich, silk fabric.

  2. a garment made of this.

Origin of paduasoy

1625–35; alteration of French pou de soie (variant of poult de soie literally, pelt of silk) by association with Padua

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How to use paduasoy in a sentence

  • The white “paduasoy” figured again in the letters, with almost as much vigour as before.

    Cranford | Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell
  • The chevalier would then brush away the snuff which had settled in the folds of his waistcoat or his paduasoy breeches.

    An Old Maid | Honore de Balzac
  • Then she drew closer about her the cloak of gray paduasoy lined with yellow and held by carved clasps of polished marcasite.

    Sir Christopher | Maud Wilder Goodwin
  • The wife of Goldsmith's Vicar was proud of her crimson paduasoy (the silk had given its name to a garment).

  • “Here it is,” answered Sally, lifting a fold of the pink paduasoy on which a small spot showed darkly.

    Peggy Owen and Liberty | Lucy Foster Madison

British Dictionary definitions for paduasoy


/ (ˈpædjʊəˌsɔɪ) /

  1. a rich strong silk fabric used for hangings, vestments, etc

  2. a garment made of this

Origin of paduasoy

C17: changed (through influence of Padua) from earlier poudesoy, from French pou-de-soie, of obscure origin

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