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[ pey-guh-niz-uhm ]


  1. pagan spirit or attitude in religious or moral questions.
  2. the beliefs or practices of pagans.
  3. the state of being a pagan.

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Other Words From

  • pagan·ist adjective noun
  • pagan·istic adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of paganism1

First recorded in 1400–50; late Middle English pāgānysme, from Late Latin pāgānismus, equivalent to Latin pāgān(us) pagan + -ismus -ism

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Example Sentences

Moreau works with biodynamic grapes, a style of vineyard management that can quickly be surmised as organics on steroids with a dash of Paganism.

From Eater

Yes, as a figure, “Santa Claus” has his roots in early Christian Europe, Dutch folklore, and Germanic paganism.

There are so many branches of Paganism and there are also different ways to practice these faiths.

Cromwell actually did declare a War on Christmas, which he deemed to be sensuous paganism.

The people here retained the same paganism and barbarity, only they were not so dangerous, being conquered by the Muscovites.

They were condemned on confessions of Islamism and paganism, extorted by the rack, and afterwards retracted.

Under a Philippine hierarchy there would be a danger of the natives reverting to paganism and fetichism.

The superstitious tyrant Maximin endeavoured to revive the dying paganism, and to renew the persecution.

The kingdom of heaven cometh not with observation, and paganism seemed entirely unconscious of its impending doom.


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