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[ paj-uhn-tree ]


, plural pag·eant·ries.
  1. spectacular display; pomp:

    the pageantry of a coronation.

    Synonyms: show, ceremony, spectacle

  2. mere show; empty display.
  3. pageants collectively; pageants and the performance of pageants.


/ ˈpædʒəntrɪ /


  1. spectacular display or ceremony
  2. archaic.
    pageants collectively

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Word History and Origins

Origin of pageantry1

First recorded in 1600–10; pageant + -ry

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Example Sentences

It’s easy to overinflate the accomplishments of the present, particularly when the event in question carries the pageantry of the Olympics.

It was a celebration low on introspection but thick with pageantry.

From Time

He writes that virtual summits remove the pageantry and rituals that set these kinds of events apart from the day-to-day of politics, and makes them feel urgent and important to the participants.

From Quartz

Producers Jesse Collins, Stacey Sher and Steven Soderbergh have maintained that the ceremony will be shot like a movie, perhaps an effort to mix things up and attract viewers who lost interest in the usual pageantry over the years.

The McSweenys typically bought a table and invited friends who had never been to an inaugural ball to let them experience the pageantry and patriotism first hand.

Even the hot Jewish women I mentioned above did something a bit more “intellectual” than pageantry: acting.

Passersby passed by, displaying the full pageantry of West Village life.

A papal visit, by definition, is freighted with emotion and pageantry.

Cannons were fired, brass bands played, and American-inspired pomp and pageantry abounded.

But what gets lost among all the bitter pageantry is the little matter of delegates.

The poor like the Queen personally, and like to gaze at royal pageantry; but they are not fanatically loyal.

The ceremony was shorn of the grotesque pageantry of chivalric times, and was confined to the interior of the abbey.

Its grand opening was a riot of splendid colorings and beauty, never surpassed in all pageantry.

Man seeks to adorn death; the pageantry of the funeral, the attractiveness of the cemetery, all show this.

It is a religion of love, practical, undemonstrative, knowing nothing of pageantry and spectacle.