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[ peyd ]


  1. a simple past tense and past participle of pay 1.


/ peɪd /


  1. See pay
    the past tense and past participle of pay 1
  2. put paid to
    put paid to to end or destroy

    breaking his leg put paid to his hopes of running in the Olympics

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Other Words From

  • non·paid adjective
  • self-paid adjective
  • un·paid adjective
  • well-paid adjective

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Idioms and Phrases

see under pay .

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Example Sentences

People who buy a box also get a free, 12-month InStyle print magazine subscription by mailing a pre-paid card with their address, according to a spokesperson.

From Digiday

More recently, when traveling to Central America to visit family, I added extra data to my in-laws’ local pre-paid phone plans and used their devices as hotspots, allowing me to join Google Meet video calls and get my work done.

An analysis should be conducted to properly find the balance between paid and organic so that you are optimizing the total search experience.

As the lines between paid and organic continue to blur, it makes less and less sense to have these two channels as distinct departments or teams competing over budget.

Bucciero and Gibaldi first started noticing issues with the USPS service about a month ago, when they dropped off 10 packages with pre-paid shipping labels that the USPS lost track of.

From Digiday

It may be fun and it may get them paid, until oversaturation ruins our sense for irony and destroys the market for it.

Their three-day scientific outing was paid for by Epstein and was big success.

Certainly paid paternity leave is part of it (and in the U.S., we need paid maternity and paternity leave).

Is there any chance the potential 2016 hopeful will stand up to the right and embrace paid sick leave?

Maybe cyclists have always been riding around, but I just never paid them any attention.

The little crowd and the boats on the beach were right under them and no one paid any attention or seemed to be in a hurry.

M'Bongo, the great chief of this neighbourhood, paid a ceremonial visit to my husband.

Young Lamb has already paid several visits to Mr. Levison's little table.

The charges in general are quite reasonable, though I have paid one or two absurd bills.

If the high wage is paid and the short hours are granted, then the price of the thing made, so it seems, rises higher still.


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