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/ peɪnz /

plural noun

  1. care, trouble, or effort (esp in the phrases take pains, be at pains to )
  2. painful sensations experienced during contractions in childbirth; labour pains

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Example Sentences

Lee would stay up late, unable to sleep from the pains he had in his back.

In the not-so-distant future, an independent country, which belongs to Kurds, will rise from these wants, pains, fire and ashes.

Severe belly pains, a headache, and fever were the only conclusions Breman could draw.

A national Democratic consultant familiar with the race took pains to point out what a big prize Walker would be for the left.

It pains me to say this, in the year 2014, we are in a death match.

Naturally he did not take such pains to dodge Grandfather Mole—after the talk they had had.

Insult and outrage seemed to have given that bodily vigour to Ripperda, which medicine and surgery had taken no pains to restore.

For wise Men, without your taking such Pains to tell them, knew what they were before.

He was physically strong and able to endure fatigue, and he had great capacity for taking pains.

It always pains me to acknowledge that any man, even an adversary, has acted dishonourably.





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