palace guard


  1. the security force protecting a palace.
  2. a group of trusted advisers who often control access to a sovereign, president, or other chief executive.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of palace guard1

First recorded in 1885–90

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Example Sentences

His books include The American Dream, Deadlines and Datelines, The Camera Never Blinks, and The Palace Guard.

Telling the palace guard his purpose, he was admitted to the sovereign's presence.

It is true that we were commanded by our master to keep his Palace Guard within the city walls, and these must stay.

In a short quarter of an hour the drums of the Plassenburg Palace Guard had beaten to arms.

During his novitiate as a palace guard the other men had instructed him in the science of their pastime-fighting.

Much of the palace guard had been sent away, and most of the palace's small staff would hide from the Mekinese.


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