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[puh-ley-shee-uh m, -shuh m; Latin pah-lah-tee-oo m]
noun, plural pa·la·ti·a [puh-ley-shee-uh, -shuh; Latin pah-lah-tee-ah] /pəˈleɪ ʃi ə, -ʃə; Latin pɑˈlɑ tiˌɑ/.
  1. a palace, especially the palace of an ancient Roman emperor.
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Origin of palatium

From the Latin word palātium
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Historical Examples of palatium

  • I am now fully convinced that the name has nothing to do with Palatium.

    Sketches from the Subject and Neighbour Lands of Venice

    Edward A. Freeman

  • I seem, when I wrote my paper of first impressions, to have had no doubt as to the received derivation from Palatium.

  • Regina uero uultu sereno conceptum scelus pallians, intrauit in palatium, ut tam regem Offanum quam regem lbertum exhilararet.


    R. W. Chambers

  • Art thou nothing daunted by the nightly watch, posted to secure the Palatium?

  • The melodious strain soared up from the temple of Saturn to the towering Palatium beyond.