/ pɑːˈlaʊ /


  1. Republic of Palau
    a republic comprising a group of islands in the W Pacific, in the W Caroline Islands; administratively part of the UN Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands 1947–87; entered into an agreement of free association with the US (1980); became fully independent in 1994. Chief island: Babelthuap. Capital: Melekeok, on Babelthuap (functions moved from Koror in 2006). Pop: 21 108 (2013 est). Area: 476 sq km (184 sq miles) Former namePelew Islands

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Example Sentences

Scannon found his calling while on a scuba diving trip to Palau, a group of small islands near Japan.

He interviews families, makes repeated trips to Palau, and places at the forefront of his life a hunt for men he never knew.

No records of them existed, and few accounts existed of the air campaign over Palau at all.

One referred to the Uighurs, and another to the relocation of 13 detainees to Palau.

To make tea, prepare palau, and either listen to or tell sacred legends, was the alternate occupation of the day.

Otus reached Palau from Asia, possibly by way of the Philippines.

As at the other islands of Micronesia, the starling at Palau is noisy and conspicuous.

Angaur, to the south of Peleliu, may be included with the Palau Archipelago.

Coultas collected six downy nestlings at Palau in November and December.