[ pey-lee-uhn-tol-uh-jee or, especially British, pal-ee- ]
/ 藢pe瑟 li 蓹n藞t蓲l 蓹 d蕭i or, especially British, 藢p忙l i- /
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Definition of paleontology

noun, plural pa路le路on路tol路o路gies for 2.
the science of the forms of life existing in former geologic periods, as represented by their fossils.
a treatise on paleontology.
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Origin of paleontology

From the French word pal茅ontologie, dating back to 1830鈥40; see origin at paleo-, ontology

OTHER WORDS FROM paleontology

pa路le路on路to路log路ic [pey-lee-on-tl-oj-ik or, especially British, pal-ee-], /藢pe瑟 li藢蓲n tl藞蓲d蕭 瑟k or, especially British, 藢p忙l i-/, pa路le路on路to路log路i路cal, adjectivepa路le路on路to路log路i路cal路ly, adverbpa路le路on路tol路o路gist, noun
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How to use paleontology in a sentence

Scientific definitions for paleontology

[ p膩鈥瞝膿-艔n-t艔l蓹-j膿 ]

The scientific study of life in the geologic past, especially through the study of animal and plant fossils.
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Cultural definitions for paleontology

[ (pay-lee-uhn-tol-uh-jee) ]

The study of ancient life forms, particularly as they are seen in fossils.

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