[ pey-lee ]


  1. Grace, 1922–2007, U.S. short-story writer and poet.
  2. William, 1743–1805, English theologian, philosopher, and clergyman.
  3. William S., 1901–1991, U.S. broadcasting executive.


/ ˈpeɪlɪ /


  1. PaleyWilliam17431805MEnglishRELIGION: theologianPHILOSOPHY: philosopher William. 1743–1805, English theologian and utilitarian philosopher. His chief works are The Principles of Moral and Political Philosophy (1785), Horae Paulinae (1790), A View of the Evidences of Christianity (1794), and Natural Theology (1802)

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Example Sentences

“While a comprehensive, independent review of the Trevor Project is being conducted, the board of directors elected to make a change in leadership,” it says, while making no specific mention that it dismissed Paley.

Within hours, Paley approached the start-up business that was building them.

In addition to directing the Maryland Robotics Center and working on artificial intelligence for the Army, Paley has recruited students to build self-driving scooters.

According to Paley, the majority of the buildings Cunningham captured could have easily not survived the 20th century.

Paley goes on to compare the watch to an eye, arguing that if a watch implies a watchmaker, then an eye implies an eye-maker.

Grace Paley wrote, “Characters deserve the open destiny of life.”

The legendary William Paley owned only about 10% of the stock of CBS.

Who, in this respect, made him a greater light and a clearer expounder than the Christian Paley?

The Pulpit is a memorial of Archdeacon Paley, who is buried close at hand in the north choir aisle.

I would rather be myself, than Paley, our neighbor in chambers: who has as much enjoyment of his life as a mole.

William Paley in 1766, when he was but twenty-three years old, was elected a fellow, and remained in Cambridge ten years.

Here I 'pitch my foot against'—as Paley says in his famous watch-argument—a quotation.


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