[ pal-in-jen-uh-sis ]
/ ˌpæl ɪnˈdʒɛn ə sɪs /


rebirth; regeneration.
  1. embryonic development that reproduces the ancestral features of the species.
  2. Obsolete. the supposed generation of organisms from others preformed in the germ cells.
baptism in the Christian faith.
the doctrine of transmigration of souls.

Origin of palingenesis

1615–25; < New Latin < Greek pálin again + génesis genesis

OTHER WORDS FROM palingenesis

pal·in·ge·ne·si·an [pal-in-juh-nee-zhee-uh n, -zhuh n] /ˌpæl ɪn dʒəˈni ʒi ən, -ʒən/, pal·in·ge·net·ic [pal-in-juh-net-ik] /ˌpæl ɪn dʒəˈnɛt ɪk/, adjectivepal·in·ge·net·i·cal·ly, adverb Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2020

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British Dictionary definitions for palingenesis

/ (ˌpælɪnˈdʒɛnɪsɪs) /

noun plural -ses (-ˌsiːz)

Christianity spiritual rebirth through metempsychosis of Christian baptism
biology another name for recapitulation (def. 2)

Derived forms of palingenesis

palingenetic (ˌpælɪndʒəˈnɛtɪk), adjectivepalingenetically, adverb

Word Origin for palingenesis

C19: from Greek palin again + genesis birth, genesis
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Medical definitions for palingenesis

[ păl′ĭn-jĕnĭ-sĭs ]


The repetition by a single organism of various stages in the evolution of its species during embryonic development.
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