esp US paillasse

/ (ˈpælɪˌæs, ˌpælɪˈæs) /

  1. a straw-filled mattress; pallet

Origin of palliasse

C18: from French paillasse, from Italian pagliaccio, ultimately from Latin palea pallet 1

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How to use palliasse in a sentence

  • That night he slept on a palliasse of straw, with a pillow consisting of a thin bolster propped on his outer clothes.

    The Night Riders | Ridgwell Cullum
  • He tossed wearily, drearily, on his unyielding palliasse, driven to a realization of his own utter impotence.

    The Night Riders | Ridgwell Cullum
  • The Stable having been duly invited, its eight occupants come in, and each finds a place on a palliasse.

  • Soon everyone in the coach-house is settled on his palliasse, and has invited a Stable Cub to share it with him.

  • So Akela curled up on someone's palliasse, and silence fell.