[ pal-ee-uhm ]
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noun,plural pal·li·a [pal-ee-uh], /ˈpæl i ə/, pal·li·ums.
  1. a large, rectangular mantle worn by men in ancient Greece and Rome.

  2. Ecclesiastical.

    • a woolen vestment worn by the pope and conferred by him on archbishops, consisting, in its present form, of a narrow ringlike band that rests on the shoulders, with two dependent bands or lappets, one in front and one behind.

    • an altar cloth; a pall.

  1. Anatomy. the entire cortex of the cerebrum.

  2. Zoology. a mantle, as of a mollusk or bird.

Origin of pallium

before 1150; Old English <Latin (not attested in ME); see pall1

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/ (ˈpælɪəm) /

nounplural -lia (-lɪə) or -liums
  1. a garment worn by men in ancient Greece or Rome, made by draping a large rectangular cloth about the body

  2. mainly RC Church a woollen vestment consisting of a band encircling the shoulders with two lappets hanging from it front and back: worn by the pope, all archbishops, and (as a mark of special honour) some bishops

  1. Also called: mantle anatomy the cerebral cortex and contiguous white matter

  2. zoology another name for mantle (def. 5)

Origin of pallium

C16: from Latin: cloak; related to Latin palla mantle

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