[ puh-loh-muh ]


  1. a female given name.

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Example Sentences

Paloma’s residents primarily fished, harvested shellfish and gathered edible plants.

The teen’s 6,000-year-old remains were discovered at a Peruvian village site called Paloma.

Most of the 201 graves unearthed at Paloma were dug up from beneath or just outside what would have been reed huts.

A majority of the 201 human graves excavated at Paloma were dug beneath or just outside reed huts.

Paloma’s residents primarily fished, collected or dove for shellfish, and gathered edible plants.

Naomi Campbell won TV personality of the year and Paloma Faith scooped the solo artist prize.

But Paloma kept whimpering and butting in, till something she said got across, because his face relaxed.

Her Azucena was a fine performance; and she created a tremendous furore with La Paloma, which was then a novelty.

Cartwell at the piano drifted from a Mohave lament to La Paloma.

When the iron road was finished, Paloma would be an intimate part of the now outside world.

It was certain that Paloma real estate would rise to three or four times its present value.


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