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  1. readily or plainly seen, heard, perceived, etc.; obvious; evident: a palpable lie; palpable absurdity.
  2. capable of being touched or felt; tangible.
  3. Medicine/Medical. perceptible by palpation.

Origin of palpable

1350–1400; Middle English < Late Latin palpābilis that can be touched, equivalent to palpā(re) to stroke, touch, palpate1 + -bilis -ble
Related formspal·pa·bil·i·ty, pal·pa·ble·ness, nounpal·pa·bly, adverbnon·pal·pa·bil·i·ty, nounnon·pal·pa·ble, adjectivenon·pal·pa·bly, adverbun·pal·pa·ble, adjectiveun·pal·pa·bly, adverb

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  1. (usually prenominal) easily perceived by the senses or the mind; obviousthe excuse was a palpable lie
  2. capable of being touched; tangible
  3. med capable of being discerned by the sense of toucha palpable tumour
Derived Formspalpability or palpableness, nounpalpably, adverb

Word Origin for palpable

C14: from Late Latin palpābilis that may be touched, from Latin palpāre to stroke, touch
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late 14c., "that can be touched," from Late Latin palpabilis "that may be touched or felt," from Latin palpare "touch gently, stroke" (see feel (v.)). Figurative sense of "easily perceived, evident" also is from late 14c. Related: Palpably.

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palpability in Medicine


  1. Perceptible to touch; capable of being palpated.
  2. Evident; obvious.
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