[ pan-i-toh-nee; Italian pah-net-taw-ne ]
/ ˌpæn ɪˈtoʊ ni; Italian ˌpɑ nɛtˈtɔ nɛ /

noun, plural pan·et·to·nes [pan-i-toh-neez] /ˌpæn ɪˈtoʊ niz/, Italian pan·et·to·ni [pah-net-taw-nee] /ˌpɑ nɛtˈtɔ ni/.

an Italian yeast-leavened bread, traditionally eaten on holidays, usually made with raisins, candied fruit peels, almonds, and brandy.

Origin of panettone

1920–25; < Italian, derivative of panetto ‘little loaf’, equivalent to pan(e) bread (< Latin pānis) + -etto diminutive suffix Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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/ (pænəˈtəʊnɪ, Italian panetˈtoːne) /

noun plural -nes or -ni (-ni)

a kind of Italian spiced brioche containing sultanas: traditionally eaten at Christmas in Italy

Word Origin for panettone

Italian, from panetto small loaf, from pane bread, from Latin pānis
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