/ (ˌpæntəˈluːnz) /

pl n
    • history men's tight-fitting trousers, esp those fastening under the instep worn in the late 18th and early 19th centuries

    • children's trousers resembling these

  1. informal, or facetious any trousers, esp baggy ones

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How to use pantaloons in a sentence

  • It consisted of a pair of pantaloons made of rough cloth, of which the right side was grey, the left of a dark colour.

  • The president, the vice-presidents, and the stewards were to have three buttons on a slash cuff, and to wear blue pantaloons.

    Yachting Vol. 2 | Various.
  • Caniche snatched up the pantaloons, and away she flew, the traveller posting after her, dressed only in his night shirt.

    Minnie's Pet Dog | Madeline Leslie
  • He lived at peace with all mankind,In friendship he was true: His coat had pocket-holes behind,His pantaloons were blue.

  • A traveller in 1845 describes the Berbers or Touriacks as very white, always clothed, and wearing pantaloons like Europeans.

    Archaic England | Harold Bayley