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[ pey-per-thin ]


  1. extremely thin:

    a paper-thin razor blade.

  2. inadequate or unconvincing; flimsy:

    a paper-thin excuse.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of paper-thin1

First recorded in 1925–30

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Example Sentences

For someone interested in upending how Americans perceive free speech, Rosenbaum presents a series of paper-thin arguments.

“Her support is broader than I would like, but it's paper-thin,” Shays says.

The chest protector was paper-thin with the faded mark of “Spalding” in the top left hand corner.

The walls were paper-thin, and he could hear all comings-and-goings at his end of the flophouse.

Clegg won the leadership by a paper-thin majority in late 2007.

This room with paper-thin walls, sheltered perhaps twenty men, each cot jammed close to its neighbor.

Paper-thin transparent crustaceans swam into view, followed by a few white shrimps, pale as ghosts.

There was no paper-thin covering on her chairs, bed, and dressing table.

None of your featherweight, gas-lightened, paper-thin alloy shells, but toughened aluminum from stern to stern.

A clamp of artificial matter took it, and held the paper-thin sheet, many feet square, in the air.


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