[ par-uh-li-pom-uh-nuh, -lahy- ]

plural noun
  1. things omitted or neglected that are added as a supplement.

Origin of paralipomena

1665–75; <Late Latin paralīpomena<Greek () paraleipómena (things) omitted, not told (present participle passive of paraleípein), equivalent to para-para-1 + leíp(ein) to leave behind + -omena neuter plural present participle mediopassive suffix

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How to use paralipomena in a sentence

  • There are not sufficient grounds, however, for denying positively that the reverend dean was the author of these paralipomena.

    Pepita Ximenez | Juan Valera
  • This group contains paralipomena which baffle individual description.

British Dictionary definitions for paralipomena


/ (ˌpærəlaɪˈpɒmənə) /

pl n
  1. things added in a supplement to a work

  2. Old Testament another name for the Books of Chronicles

Origin of paralipomena

C14: via late Latin from Greek paraleipomena, from para- 1 (on one side) + leipein to leave

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