parallel rulers

plural noun

  1. a pair of straightedges connected by two pivoted crosspieces of equal length so as to be parallel at all times, used for various navigational purposes, especially for transferring the bearing of a plotted course to a compass rose.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of parallel rulers1

First recorded in 1695–1705

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Example Sentences

I pricked that place off on the chart with my dividers, and with my parallel rulers found that west-by-south was the true course.

Captain Ponsberry said no more, but threw down his parallel rulers and his pencil.

The parallel rulers need no explanation except for the way in which they are used on a chart.

It is just as accurate, too, if you lay the distances off carefully with the dividers and parallel rulers.

Hence we find him first making brass scales, parallel-rulers and quadrants.


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