parallel universe

[ par-uh-lel yoo-nuh-vurs ]

  1. Physics. any of a hypothetical collection of undetectable universes that are like our known universe but have branched off from our universe due to a quantum-level event.: See also multiverse 1.

  2. (in cosmology) a hypothetical universe that coexists with our known universe but may operate under fundamentally different laws of physics.: See also multiverse 1.

  1. Also called alternate universe, alternative universe . (in science fiction, fantasy, etc.) a separate universe or world that coexists with our known universe but is very different from it.: Compare dimension (def. 8).

  2. a realm of existence and experience that is fundamentally different from the one that most humans share; a separate reality: I don’t understand him—I think he lives in a parallel universe.

Origin of parallel universe

First recorded in 1920–25

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