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verb (used with object)
  1. to boil partially or for a short time; precook.
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Origin of parboil

1400–50; late Middle English parboylen to boil partly, (rarely) to boil fully < Middle French parboillir < Late Latin perbullīre to boil through and through (see per-, boil1); change of meaning by confusion of par- with part
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Related Words for parboiled

effervesce, froth, poach, smolder, foam, evaporate, fizz, agitate, seethe, stew, cook, coddle, churn, bubble, steam, steep, simmer, decoct

Examples from the Web for parboiled

Historical Examples of parboiled

  • The intention is to have it parboiled only, as it is afterwards to be fricasseed.

    Directions for Cookery, in its Various Branches

    Eliza Leslie

  • Amelia washed the sand from her parboiled fingers, and drew a nervous breath.

    Tiverton Tales

    Alice Brown

  • The corn is first parboiled in water; then drained and well dried.

    The History of Louisiana

    Le Page Du Pratz

  • Like all good housewives she first parboiled them with pork before baking.

  • Put in the chickens, with the liquor in which they were parboiled.

British Dictionary definitions for parboiled


verb (tr)
  1. to boil until partially cooked, often before further cooking
  2. to subject to uncomfortable heat
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Word Origin for parboil

C15: from Old French parboillir, from Late Latin perbullīre to boil thoroughly (see per-, boil 1); modern meaning due to confusion of par- with part
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Word Origin and History for parboiled



late 14c., "to boil partially;" mid-15c., "to boil thoroughly," from Old French parboillir "to boil thoroughly," from Medieval Latin perbullire "to boil thoroughly," from Latin per "through, thoroughly" + bullire "to boil" (see boil (v.)). Main modern meaning "boil partially" is by mistaken association of the prefix with part. Related: Parboiled; parboiling.

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